Effective Communications and Media Relations

Louise Di Francesco has worked in the media industry for more than 30 years and is a specialist in all areas of corporate communications, media relations, reputation management, issues and crisis management and content development.

Known for her no-nonsense approach to business, exceptional media contacts and ability to achieve results under pressure, Louise is well respected across business, technology, property, tourism and retail sectors with clients from a broad spectrum of top companies such as AAPT, CeBIT, Alterian, Carbon Planet, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Grocon, Multiplex, Colliers, Metronode, Fiji Tourism and Sydney Olympic Park Authority.


Corporate Communications

A critical part of marketing, corporate communications is a key discipline in managing and orchestrating internal and external relationships and partnerships with media, stakeholders, customers and staff and suppliers. Louise Di Francesco has worked with many organisations as their corporate communications manager, either solely or as part of an existing team, reporting to Boards, CEOs and CMOs. 

Reputation Management

Social media has forever changed the corporate landscape with the potential for a company’s reputation to be damaged or destroyed virtually overnight. Don’t let this happen to your organisation – strategic planning and careful management is the key element to minding your public profile and brand. Louise Di Francesco will manage your reputation with ferocity, focus and passion that is hard to replicate.

Issues Management

Being able to identify potential issues and risks before they occur, and having a defined and agreed plan to deal with them should they occur, is an essential part of corporate governance. Louise Di Francesco has assisted many companies in the development of issues and risk management plans with a communications focus, providing peace of mind that allows directors and senior managers to get on with day-to-day business.

Crisis Communications

Minutes matter and it is no more important than in a crisis. Every single action, every single word, every single decision can make the difference between surviving and moving forward and days, weeks and months of unwanted and often, unwarranted, attention. In a crisis, experience matters and with many years working in, and with the media, Louise Di Francesco is the consultant you need by your side for advice and guidance.

Media Relations

Building ongoing engagement with your audiences and customers is more important than ever now the choice is global. An ongoing, consistent, strategic media relations campaign will make a major difference to your business, your brand and your credibility. A vital marketing tool, Louise Di Francesco can develop an effective media relations that elevates you above your competitors and allows you to stand out in the crowd.

Social Media

Does your online presence reflect your organisation’s values and integrity? What is the benefit of social media engagement to your business? Is your company leading the conversation or simply a part of the noise? Is your content relevant, adding value to your brand? You need to know the answers to all these questions and more and Louise Di Francesco will help you audit, analyse and manage social media channels.
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